Birch Lake in the BWCA

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Acres: 357
State/Province: MN
Acres are calculated and may not represent official values. The calculation only takes into account the area contained within the given state or province.
TitleAuthorEntry PointDateLast UpdatedComments
CampsiteStatusAvg RatingGood Tent PadsMax Tent PadsHas Photos
Campsite #1238Open
Campsite #1239Open
Campsite #1240Open
Campsite #1278Open
Campsite #1279Open
Campsite #1280Open
Campsite #1281Open
Campsite #1282Open
Campsite #1283Open
Campsite #1284Open
Campsite #1287Open
Campsite #1288Open
PortageLakesLengthHas PhotosHas CommentsHas My Comments
Portage #379Birch51YesYesNo
Portage #392Birch, Frog101NoNoNo
Portage #422Sucker, Birch7YesYesNo
SpeciesSurvey TypeQty Compared to Similar LakesWeight Compared to Similar Lakes
BluegillGill NetNot DeterminedNot Determined
BluegillTrap NetBelow AverageAverage
Lake WhitefishGill NetBelow AverageAbove Average
Largemouth BassGill NetAverageAbove Average
Largemouth BassTrap NetAverageAverage
Northern PikeGill NetAverageAbove Average
Northern PikeTrap NetNot DeterminedNot Determined
Rock BassGill NetAverageBelow Average
Rock BassTrap NetAverageBelow Average
Smallmouth BassGill NetAverageAverage
Smallmouth BassTrap NetAbove AverageAbove Average
Tullibee (Cisco)Gill NetAverageAbove Average
WalleyeGill NetAbove AverageAbove Average
WalleyeTrap NetBelow AverageAbove Average
White SuckerGill NetAbove AverageAverage
White SuckerTrap NetAverageAbove Average
Yellow PerchGill NetBelow AverageAverage
Yellow PerchTrap NetAverageAverage
Fish survey information was obtained from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources lake information report.

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